Опять дожди, и опять на работе трудно. Я даже решил утром, что пойду домой, отдохну. И отдохнул, написал вот для Андроида половину программы, которую давно хотел:


 А ещё мы с Манечкой ходили днём к Тимошику в школу на некое выпускное собрание. Хотя им ещё сколько-то дней учиться. Но домашних заданий уже не задают.

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      1. The signs are counterclockwise instead of clockwise I mean. I have not seen that in a while. It seems that mostly people list them clockwise.

  1. I haven’t seen a single instance where signs would be depicted clockwise. Easy way to check: notice where the moon is in the sky at a particular time, then check the next day at the same time. It’ll go to the left somewhat, contrary to the direction of the rotation of the sky itself. Don’t know what it would look in the southern hemisphere, though.

    1. oh wow, I did some search on images, and see what you mean. I think it may be partially cultural. Last time I looked at it was back in 2000 or 2002, and I was still very much tied to the «culture I came from». It seems here it is a whole different story because in Russia if I remember correctly it is just aligned with the progression of the signs not with the actual movement of the sky. I also did some searches on the AU, and it seems they also utilize the same logic, which is strange I think in a way, as if Norther hemisphere is the center of attention. Very interesting!

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